WORKPRO® is launching a new lineup of 20V Cordless Power Tools that are designed to provide customers with efficient use and professional results. Lightweight and built with ergonomics in mind and suitable for a smaller hand, the line includes new tools that reflect not only WORKPRO's continuing commitment to manufacturing high-quality, innovative tools, but also its earned reputation for durability and strength.

"At WORKPRO, we are proud to offer consumers a full selection of the tools they need for the jobs they do," said Lily Chi, CEO of WORKPRO@'s parent company, GreatStar Industrial Co., Ltd. "Whether serious DIYer or at-home craftsmen, our customers know that when they use a WORKPRO tool, they are using the very best tool for their projects' success. Our new product line of 20-Volt Cordless Power Tools offers an assortment of tools that are manufactured with our highest standards of innovation, ergonomic design, and durability;they are designed to be the best tools of their kind on the market."

ike all WORKPRO tools, the new 20V Cordless Power Tool line offers customers great performance at a good value; this is confirmed in the over 2,000 5-star product reviews the tools (collectively) have already earned!

The new cordless lineup includes 8 traditional power and lawn maintenance tools:

Drill Kit (@ WORKPROTOOLS) $55.99

Drill & Impact Kit (@ WORKPROTOOLS) $105.99

Impact Wrench (@ WORKPROTOOLS) $88.99

Reciprocating Saw (@ WORKPROTOOLS) $94.99

Leaf Blower (@ WORKPROTOOLS) $99.99

Hedge Trimmer (@ WORKPROTOOLS) $107.99

String Trimmer/Edger (@ WORKPROTOOLS) $99.99

Shop Vacuum (@ WORKPROTOOLS) $77.99

Each tool is cordless and compatible with a rechargeable 20V lithium-ion battery, and each is equipped with either a 2.0Ah or 4.0Ah option for optimal run time. Chargers are included with all tools, providing a 1-hour quick charge.

About WORKPRO@ Tools:

Since 2009, WORKPRO® Tools has been committed to leading the way with innovative tools for the home do-it-yourselfer. Developed by Hangzhou GreatStar Industrial Co., Ltd., the largest hand tool manufacturer in Asia, WORKPRO® Tools deliver a diverse variety of hand tools, power tools and storage solutions. Sold in over 100 countries around the world, WORKPRO® Tools strives to provide tools to those who pride themselves in completing a project themselves. For more information, visit